Colorado Commission on Aging

The Colorado Commission on Aging (CCOA) was established under the authority of the Older Coloradans Act (C.R.S. Sections 26- 11-100.1 to 26-11-106) to serve as the primary advisory body on all matters affecting older persons. The CCOA is a volunteer organization of seventeen people appointed by the Governor and approved by the Senate committee to serve for four year terms. There are two members appointed to each of the seven Congressional Districts, and members representing that district may not be from the same political party. In addition to the fourteen members there is one at-large Commissioner, and one member each of different parties from the State Senate and House.

Commissioners duties include:

  • Conducting, and encourage others to conduct, studies of problems of the state’s older people
  • Assisting government and private agencies to coordinate their efforts on behalf of the aging and older adults in order that efforts are effective and non-duplicative
  • Promoting and aiding in the establishment of local programs and services for Colorado's aging and older adults
  • Conducting promotional activities and programs for public education on problems of the aging
  • Reviewing existing programs for the aging and making recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly for improvements

Meetings are held six times a year with two meetings being held outside the Denver area and all meetings are open to the public.

Upcoming Meetings

Colorado Commission on Aging (Day 1)

Thursday, January 24th, 2018 (9am-4pm)

1575 Sherman St. 8th floor C-Stat Room

Denver, CO 80203


Colorado Commission on Aging Meeting (Day 2)

Friday, January 25th, 2018  (9am-2pm)

Allan Buckingham Awards Luncheon

Location:  T.B.D.




Name Representation Term Expiration
Paulette St. James CD 1 7-1-22
Sean Wood CD 2 7-1-22
Chad Federwitz Member-at-large 7-1-22
Christina Johnson CD 7 7-1-22
Jody Barker CD 5 7-1-22
Steven Grund CD 6 7-1-22
Ryan Burmood CD 6 7-1-22
Julie Cozad CD 4 7-1-19
Debra Herrera CD 3 7-1-20
Ron DeVries CD 1 7-1-20
Kathleen Hall CD 3 7-1-20
Joe Urban CD 5 7-1-20
Jane Barnes CD 7 7-1-20
Ruth Long CD 2 7-1-20
Connie Ring CD 4 7-1-20
Rep. Jessica Danielson House of Representatives WNLS
Sen. Nancy Todd State Senate WNLS