Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities

The Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities, established in C.R.S. 26-24-101 - C.R.S. 26-24-106, consists of seven voting memebrs and three nonvoting members appointed by the governor and executive director of the Department of Human Services. The primary responsiblities of the Council are:

  • Review legislation related to accessibility, services and supports, and other issues concerning the disability community
  • Review various state departments accessibility issues related to persons with disabilities
  • Coordinate with other boards, councils and commissions
  • Issue an annual report to the governor and General Assembly on the state's programs, services and policies affecting and addressing persons with disabilities
  • Coordinate efforts related to the Disabled Parking Education Programs
  • Conduct research on how to make Colorado the best state for persons with disabilities, including but not limited to research on housing, transportation, employment, education, and health care issues

Visit the Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities' official website here.




Name Representation
Kathryn Ciano-McGee Family Member of a Person with a Disability
Mark Douglass Person with a Disability
Patrick Going Person with a Disability
Robert Hernandez Advocate for Persons with Disabilities
Julia Miller Advocate for Persons with Disabilities
Lindsay Menough Appointed by the Governor
Steve Ruge Appointed by the Governor
  Non-Voting Member
  Non-Voting Member
  Non-Voting Member