Collaborative Management Program

Colorado’s commitment to improving social service delivery systems gave rise to the Collaborative Management Program (CMP) administered by the OCYF Division of Child Welfare. In 2004, the Colorado General Assembly passed House Bill 04-1451 to establish collaborative management programs at the county level that would improve outcomes for children, youth, and families involved with multiple agencies. The legislation calls for the development of local collaborative management structures and processes that bring together agencies and services for at-risk, high systems-use children, youth, and families. Partners in local Collaborative Management Programs include county departments of human/social services, local judicial districts, health departments, school districts, community mental health centers and behavioral health organizations, parent or family advocacy groups, and community agencies. 

As defined in C.R.S. § 24-1.9-102 and 12 CCR 2509 Section 7.303.3, the Collaborative Management Program promotes the adoption of collaborative management structures at the county level to achieve a variety of goals including: 

  • Develop a more uniform system of collaborative management that includes the input, expertise, and active participation of parent advocacy or family advocacy organizations
  • Reduce duplication and eliminate fragmentation; and increase quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of services delivered to children or families who would benefit from integrated multi-agency services
  • Encourage cost sharing among service providers and cost-reduction for services
  • Achieve positive outcomes for children and families, particularly in the child welfare system in Colorado

The Colorado Collaborative Management Program Handbook provides guidance for implementing the Collaborative Management Program at the county level.

The purpose of the Collaborative Management Program (CMP) Statewide Steering Committee is to support the development and sustainability of a uniform system of collaboration at the state and county levels; to effectively and efficiently collaborate and share resources; and to manage and integrate the treatment and services provided to children and families who benefit from multi-agency services.  

The CMP Statewide Steering Committee facilitates collaboration by:

  • Reducing the duplication and eliminate fragmentation of services
  • Increasing the quality, appropriateness and effectiveness of services provided
  • Encouraging cost-sharing among service providers
  • Encouraging active participation of parent advocacy or family advocacy organizations.