Behavioral Health Transformation Council

The Behavioral Health Transformation Council was created by Senate Bill 2010 - 153 - C.R.S. 27-61-102 (2014) (3)(a).  The Council has the following duties and functions:

  • Developing shared outcomes across key systems to enable joint accountability, improve services and increase recovery, self-sufficiency and economic opportunity
  • Aligning service areas across systems to promote equitable and timely access to a full continuum of services throughout Colorado
  • Establishing joint monitoring across systems to ensure accountability for common outcomes and to reduce the administrative burden
  • Creating integrated behavioral health policies and rules
  • Reforming finances to maximize and efficiently use funds
  • Using electronic health records or other technology, shared screening tools, assessments and evaluations in compliance with federal and state confidentiality and privacy laws
  • Adopting consistent cross-system standards for cultural congruence and for youth, adult and family involvement
  • Promoting and using evidence-based and promising practices 
  • Creating workforce development strategies required for an integrated behavioral health system
  • Developing a comprehensive behavioral health service system that includes services to persons with mental illness, addictions, disabilities and co-occurring issues
  • Making recommendations to the cabinet that encourage and promote collaboration, partnerships and innovation across governmental agencies and other agencies in the budgeting, planning, administration and provision of behavioral health services associated with the goals above
  • Coordinating and consolidating the Council's efforts with the efforts of other groups that are working on behavioral health issues