Youth Indoor Soccer (Futsal) Tournament

Saturday, February 16th 
4:00 Game 1:  Mellow Yellow (1)  vs  Blast (4)
4:30 Game 2:  Blizzards (2)  vs  Galaxy (3)
5:00 Game 3:  Loser of game 1  vs  Loser of game 2
5:30 Game 4:  Winner of game 1  vs  Winner of game 2
Overtime - Penalty Kick Shoot-out (Playoffs Only) 
1. One 5 minute overtime period will be played, followed by penalty kicks if needed. 
2. Referee decides which goal will be used. Coin tossed to decide the order. 
3. Five kicks to be taken by 5 different players selected from the suited players. Captain of each team will    announce these 5 to the main referee before the kicks are taken. 
4. If two teams are still tied after 5 kicks, the additional kicks will be taken on a sudden-death basis by the rest of the players who have not kicked yet. 
5. Players sent off during the match are not eligible to take these kicks. 
6. Any eligible player may change places with his goalkeeper. 
7. While the penalty shootout is in progress, players will remain on the opposite half of the pitch.