Undead Run

The Undead Run is a 5K run with a reanimated twist!  The Arkansas Riverwalk has been infected with zombies.  Cental Coloado Housing (CCH), in partnership with the Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District (CCREC), is hosting a 5K Run to see who can outrun them.  

All of the 5K Run participants will wear flag football belts and try to keep their flags until the end of the race.  Meanwhile groups of Zombies will try to take your flags along the course, instead of your brains.  In order to win the 5K race runners must finish with at least one flag remaining.  There is NO flag guarding. This is not your typical 5K Run, and a great way to simply have a good time.

This event is a fundraiser will the proceeds going to support the Central Colroado Housing's affordable housing programs.

DATE: Saturday, October 21, 2017
TIME: 4:00 pm
LOCATION: Centennial Park, 221 Griffin Ave. Cañon City, CO

Runners:  $30 by September 30, 2017 (Includes a T-Shirt)

               $35 Day of Walk-up registration Only (No guarantee of a T-Shirt)

Zombies:  $15 (Must pre-register by October 7, 2017 - No walk ups)

                 All Zombies must register at the CCH Office (3224-A Independence Rd. Cañon City)


1) All runners must wear a flag belt with three velcro flags

2) Zombies will be placed along the course and try to take your flags.  Zombies must drag one leg and may only use one arm.  Zombies are not allowed to touch or hold the participants, just grab the flags.

3) Runners may not flag guard or touch the Zombies.  They may spin around the Zombies or run past them.

4) The first runner to finish the race with at least one flag will be declared the winning runner.

5) This is not a timed event, rather the winners are determined soley by place

6) There will be awards for overall male/female and then placers for those without flags

REGISTRATION: Click here for online Registration
AWARDS: To be determined by CCH