Turkey Bowl

The Recreation District's annual Turkey Bowl is a one day 4-on-4 Flag Football Tournament with seven different age divisions. Rosters are limited to six-players and the games take less than 30-minutes with two 10-minute halfs and only one timeout per team.  The rules are available on this webpage and your team must know them before playing.  There will be a brief managers' meeting before the tournament to review proceedures, starting at 8 am. 

**Game time is forfeit time.  We will run games early if possible, but we will not run late.  We advise all teams to arrive at their field early.  Announcements of games will be made throughout the day.  All teams must turn in a roster prior to playing and it locks when you play your first game.  Please turn in the rosters at the blue tent by the garage of the storage building.  Brackets will be updated at this tent as well.**

We do appreciate the efforts of the staff and officials at the Turkey Bowl, we ask that you do as well.  This is a family event and we want everyone to have a great time.  If you are going to give officials and staff a difficult time, you will be asked to leave.  Remember this is a fun event and we ask that you bring a positive attitude and have a great time.  

The Recreation District would like to thank all the sponsors of this event:



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Girls 18 & Under (Chicks)

Women's 19 & Older (Hens) (Canceled due to no registrations)

Boys 12 & Under (Wings)        

Boys 13 to 15 (Legs)

Boys 16 to 18 (Thighs)

Mens 19 to 30 (Toms)

Mens 31 & Over (Gizzards)

WHEN: Saturday November 21, 2020
WHERE: Pathfinder Park (on Hwy 115 between Cañon City and Florence)
MEETING: Managers and Officials meet at 8:00 am the morning of at Pathfinder Park
FEE: $70 per team, 3 game guarantee
DEADLINE: Tuesday, November 17th at 5 p.m. or when we hit the maximum number of registered teams
AWARDS: Turkeys will be awarded to the winning team members in each division
REGISTRATION: Online or at the office, starting September 14th