Junior Golf @ Four Mile Ranch Golf Course

We have teamed up with the Four Mile Golf Course to offer the Junior Golf program this summer.  This program will run on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursday mornings for two weeks, offering two separate sessions.  The session will be divided into three age groups at three separate times.  Each age group will be capped at 10 participants per group.  Every group will be taught the fundamentals of golf including: basic grip and setup, short game, irons, driving, and round preparation.  On course etiquette will also be stressed.  It is also important to follow up the lessons with time on the golf course itself for those who wish to play.  
REGISTRATION: Watch this space for registration dates

Session 1:  2019 Dates to be Announced

Session 2:  2019 Dates to be Announced


8 - 10 year olds @ 8 am (This group, with the assistance of parents and volunteers, will get on the couse the last two sessions which will be their Club Championship)

11-13 year olds @ 9 am (After lesson participants will be allowed to play 3 to 9 holes depending on ability)

14 - 17 year olds @ 10 am (After lessons, participants will be allowed to play 9 - 18 holes depending on ability)

FEES: $65 per participant