District Board Chairman Request Letter to the Fremont Sanitation District

January 11, 2018
Fremont Sanitation District  
107 Berry Parkway
Canon City, CO 81212
Dear Fremont Sanitation District Board Members:
The Canon City Area Recreation and Park District would like to request to be on your agenda for the upcoming January 16th meeting for the purpose of requesting a trail easement to extend the Arkansas Riverwalk Trail system. The Recreation District is working in conjunction with the City of Florence in partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation to proceed with the design and development of the Arkansas Riverwalk Trail Extension Project from MacKenzie Avenue to Florence River Park. DHM Design, a professional design and planning firm, has been conducting the study and assessment of trail route options for the project. Their process involved seeking additional public input through land owner and adjoining land owner meetings, building on the 2015 Eastern Fremont County Trails, Open Space and River Corridor Master Plan. A local Technical Work Group (TWG) comprised of representatives from local agencies and citizen groups has been meeting for the last four months, and has recommended a route for the trail. Jeff Blue has served as the Sanitation District’s representative. There were seven trail route options considered for the furthest west one mile of this trail extension project. The consultant or members of the TWG met with the majority of land owners and adjoining land owners to these routes seeking their input. These meeting involved the Adamic, Oloman, Telck, Lund, Self, McConnell, Bufmack, Talbert, Mata and Lindner families.  
After meeting with the above land owners / adjoining land owners the TWG met to assess the options and then determine a recommended route, with the only viable route for the western section of the project being on publicly owned land of the Fremont Sanitation District. 
The goal of this project is to provide a safe route for pedestrian and bicycle travel between the communities of Canon City and Florence, and at the same time extend the most popular recreational trail in Eastern Fremont County. 
We understand that there will be impacts to the adjoining land owners and have offered the following mitigation efforts to address and minimize their impacts:
          • New woven wire field fencing
          • Long term maintenance of the new fencing
          • Dual 6 foot box culvert for cattle crossing at grade, with the trail going up and over to provide continuous access to the river for cattle to water 
          • New gates for continued vehicle and equipment access, utilizing the existing crossing 
          • New tree shelter belts
          • Signage: including private property, no trespass and educational
DHM Design is planning to have additional meetings with the land owners / adjoining land owners so that the mitigation features become part of the actual design and development phase of the project.  This will not only guarantee the features will become part of the plan it will also give an accurate cost for trail development. 
Our two Districts have a successful history of cooperation that dates back 30 years.  Together we provide dual public use of land owned by the Sanitation District as the improved access for the maintenance of the main interceptor sewer line and the Arkansas Riverwalk Trail. 
We are requesting that the Fremont Sanitation District consider granting a 50 foot trail easement for the western segment of this project. This easement would be on property owned fee simple by the Sanitation District from Mackenzie Avenue to McCumber Lane. This project has tremendous community support by the citizens we both serve as emphasized in the 1997 Trails Master Plan, 2015 Eastern Fremont County Trails, Open Space and River Corridor Master Plan and the 2017 Canon City citizen survey which showed 81% of the respondents in favor of the extension of the Arkansas Riverwalk Trail to Florence. We look forward to opportunity to present this request to the Board. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or Jim Hoar, Executive Director.   
Thank you for your consideration.
Ken Burger
Board Chairman