Adult Women's Volleyball A League Schedule

Team Name Manager Manager's Number
Set to Kill Ashley Mulso 371-0562
Reynaldo's Christtena Haynes 334-9421
BAMFS Michelle Dohrman 375-4125
Serve Me Up Elizabeth Cornella 4293201
BALZ Stephanie Carter 248-7310
Powder Puffs Kenzie Hand 429-2873
Serves U Right Morgon Lamm 651-1050
Hits Don't Lie Kearra Ontiveros 429-8024
 Volley Llamas Courtney Seder 406-3373
All games will be played at Harrison School on Sundays.  Please check to see what court you are scheduled on for the night. Court 1 is the big gym, Court 2 is behind the curtain.   Do not leave children unattended in the lobby area.  No games on Sunday, December 1st for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Standings will be posted on our website at  
Sunday, October 6th (Court 1)
4:00 Volley Llamas  vs  Serve Me Up
5:00 Powder Puffs  vs  Hits Don’t Lie
6:00 BALZ  vs  BAMFS 
7:00 Reynaldo’s  vs  Set To Kill
BYE: Serves U Right
Sunday, October 13th (Court 2)
5:00 Serves U Right  vs  Hits Don’t Lie
6:00 Volley Llamas  vs  BAMFS
7:00 Powder Puffs  vs  Set to Kill
8:00 BALZ  vs  Reynaldo’s 
BYE: Serve Me Up
Sunday, October 20th (Court 1)
4:00 Serve Me Up  vs  BAMFS
5:00 Serves U Right   vs  Set to Kill
6:00 Volley Llamas  vs  Reynaldo’s
7:00 Powder Puffs  vs  BALZ
BYE: Hits Don’t Lie
Sunday, October 27th (Court 2)
5:00 Hits Don’t Lie  vs   Set To Kill
6:00 Serve Me Up  vs  Reynaldo’s 
7:00 Serves U Right  vs  BALZ
8:00 Volley Llamas  vs  Powder Puffs
Sunday, November 3rd (Court 1)
4:00 BAMFS  vs  Reynaldo’s 
5:00 Hits Don’t Lie  vs  BALZ
6:00 Serve Me Up  vs  Powder Puffs
7:00 Serves U Right  vs  Volley Llamas
BYE: Set To Kill
Sunday, November 10th (Court 2)
5:00 Set to Kill vs BALZ
6:00 BAMFS  vs  Powder Puffs
7:00 Hits Don’t Lie  vs  Volley Llamas
8:00 Serve Me Up  vs  Serves U Right
BYE: Reynaldo’s 
Sunday, November 17th (Roster Deadline) (Court 1)
4:00 Reynaldo’s  vs  Powder Puffs 
5:00 Set to Kill  vs  Volley Llamas
6:00 BAMFS  vs  Serves U Right
7:00 Hits Don’t lie  vs  Serve Me Up
Sunday, November 24th (Court 2)
5:00 BALZ  vs  Volley Llamas
6:00 Reynaldo’s  vs  Serve U Right
7:00 Set to Kill  vs  Serve Me Up
8:00 BAMFS  vs  Hits Don’t Lie
BYE: Powder Puffs
Sunday, December 8th (Court 2)
4:00 Powder Puffs  vs  Serves U Right
5:00 BALZ  vs  Serve Me Up
6:00 Reynaldo’s  vs  Hits Don’t Lie
7:00 Set To Kill  vs  BAMFS
BYE: Volley Llamas
Sunday, December 15th (Tournament)
4:00 Game 1:    Serves U Right (8)  vs  Serve Me Up (9) (Court 1)
5:00 Game 2:    BALZ (4)  vs  Set to Kill (5) (Court 2)
5:00 Game 3:    Volley Llamas (1)  vs  Winner of game 1 (Court 1)
6:00 Game 4:    BAMFS (3)  vs  Hits Don't Lie (6) (Court 2)
6:00 Game 5:    Powder Puffs (2)  vs  Reynaldos (7) (Court 1)
7:00 Game 6:    Winner of game 2  vs  Winner of game 3 (Court 1)
7:00 Game 7:    Winner of game 4  vs  Winner of game 5 (Court 2)
8:00 Game 8:    Winner of game 6  vs  Winner of game 7 (Court 1)
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