Adult Indoor Volleyball

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Co-Ed Upper League Schedule Co-Ed Upper League Standings
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Men's & Women's Adult Volleyball

The 2020 Fall Volleyball League is scheduled to begin the first week in October.  Each team is guaranteed 9 matches that consist of 3 games.  Games will be play with rally scoring to 21.  Get your teams together so you can bump, set, and spike your way to a good time!  Leagues will be divided based on the teams' ability level.  Men's League will be played on Thursday Nights and Women's Leagues on Sunday Nights at Harrison School.



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July 20th - September 17th

Women's Upper League

Women's Lower League

Men's League

Matches Begin: October 1st and 4th 
Ages: 18 years and older

Men's League on Thursday Nights

Women's Leagues on Sunday Nights

Place: Harrison School Gymnasium
Fee: $250.00 per team