Legislative SubcommitteeOpioid Investigations SubcommitteeAge of Delinquency Task ForceDrug Offense Task ForcePretrial Release Task Force

The Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice is often referenced as "the CCJJ." The current CCJJ structure is represented in the "clickable" organization chart above. The labels assigned to CCJJ committees are specific and imply the hierarchical arrangement and process by which each functions and interacts with the Commission. "Committee" is a generic term that may represent any of the Commission's subgroups or even the Commission itself, but "committee" is not used as a specific label for the Commission or any of the Commission's subgroups. The description for each of the following and an "at-a-glance" summary matrix is provided below: Commission, Subcommittee, Task Force, Working Group, and Study Group. This information is also available in a downloadable pdf.