For each of the recommendations approved by the Commission, this page provides links to documents that provide:
- the complete text of the recommendation,
- the implementation status of the recommendation, and
- if applicable, the legislation derived from the recommendation.

A report of approved recommendations may also be found in the annual Commission reports.

RECOMMENDATIONS. Pursuant to 16-11.3-103, C.R.S. (H.B. 2018-1287), the Commission is mandated to generate recommendations intended to improve the criminal justice system in Colorado by removing barriers to offender success while enhancing public safety, reducing recidivism, reducing victimization and optimizing the efficient use of public resources. Many recommendations are directed to specific agencies that are responsible for criminal justice-involved populations and address agency policies and practices whereas others suggest legislation to modify Colorado Revised Statutes

RECOMMENDATION OUTCOMES. Pursuant to 16-11.3-103(2)(d), C.R.S. (H.B. 2018-1287), the Commission is mandated to study and evaluate the outcomes and implementation status of the approved recommendations. Below are lists of recommendation categories with every recommendation grouped BY TOPIC, BY TASK FORCE, BY STATUS and BY FISCAL YEAR. Updates to the implementation status of recommendations are ongoing, unless the implementation status is labeled, "Complete."

Recommendation entries last updated, February 11, 2020. 


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