Disproportionate Minority Contact

The Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, with direction from Colorado House Bill 08-1119, addresses the issue of racial and ethnic disparities in the adult and juvenile justice systems by conducting studies of the policies and practices in Colorado. The statute mandates the Commission to have the goal of reducing disparity and reviewing work and resources compiled by states in the area of disparity reduction.

The CCJJ created the Minority Over-Representation Subcommittee to coordinate and advance the continuing efforts by the Commission regarding issues of minority over-representation and disproportionate minority contact in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

This Disproportionate Minority Contact page reflects some of the ongoing work of the Commission and its MOR Subcommittee. The data provided primarily reflects Colorado’s juvenile justice system, given the availability of data on this system. There is limited information provided on the adult criminal justice system.