Enabling Legislation

The Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice ("CCJJ") was created by House Bill 2007-1358 with specific mandates for the Commission. These initial mandates (below) may be found in §16-11.3-101 through §16-11.3-105, C.R.S. and §24-1-128.6, C.R.S. The "CCJJ" was re-authorized during the 2018 legislative session by House Bill 2018-1287. 

In addition, other bills signed into law contain specific mandates for the Commission and the Commission receives other requests and directives from the Executive and/or Legislative Branches for action (see, Resources: Mandates). There is also legislation that results from Commission-generated recommendations and these bills are summarized at, Resources: Legislation.

Bill Enabling Legislation Document
House Bill
(repeal date, 7/1/2023)
The repeal date of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice is extended to July 1, 2023. Membership revisions included an expansion to 30 total members (29 members and 1 ex officio), an additional limitation on Commission service, and a requirement that in even-numbered years the Commission request a letter from the Governor regarding topics of study.

The elements of the current "CCJJ-related statute" in Title 16, Article 11.3 may be found below and a printable version is available here.

Senate Bill
(repeal date, 7/1/2018)
The repeal date of the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice is extended to July 1, 2018. Bill:
House Bill
(no repeal date; corresponds
with re-authorization period,
The General Assembly requires the Commission to present an annual progress report to the Joint Judiciary Committee on any pending or finalized recommendations to be drafted as bills for impending legislative sessions (see p. 7 of the bill).  The Commission Chair and/or Vice-Chair provide an overview of the Commission and a general summary of Commission activities.
The Commission provided the first of these annual presentations in December 2013 and will continue to provide these reports annually until the Commission is repealed.

 These reports may be found on the Resources: Mandates page.

House Bill
The General Assembly appends the duties of the Commission to study the reduction of disparities within the criminal justice system.
The Commission's work on this mandate may be found here:
 - Disproportionate Minority Contact,
 - Legislation, and
 - Recommendations

(See also, the Minority Over-Representation Subcommittee).
House Bill
(repeal date, 7/1/2013)
ENABLING LEGISLATION: The study of the criminal justice system and creating the Colorado Criminal and Juvenile Justice Commission with a repeal date of July 1, 2013 (Repeal date was extended by Senate Bill 2013-007). Bill:

Enabling Legislation Elements