Collateral Consequences Subcommittee

The Collateral Consequences Subcommittee was created by the Commission in August 2017. The Subcommittee will begin its work January 2018. This Subcommittee and its charge was derived from the preliminary Commission recommendation, FY17-RE #06: Limit the Distribution of Records concerning Arrests that Did Not Result in Charges which was generated by the concluded Re-entry Task Force and its Collateral Consequences Working Group. The Collateral Consequences Subcommittee was assinged the very narrow task of completing the study of sound public policy related to the accessibility and timing of the availability of arrest records, especially in circumstances where a subsequent charge is not filed. All members are chosen and are appointed by the CCJJ Chair and Vice Chair.

This Subcommittee will not post meeting minutes, but will report its findings directly to the Commission by way of interim progress reports leading to a final report of its conclusions and/or an update to Recommendation FY17-RE #06.