Age of Delinquency Task Force

Due to COVID-19, CCJJ activities (Commission/Task Force/Subcommittee mtgs.)are being conducted virtually.

The Age of Delinquency Task Force was seated by the Commission in February 2018 to address the following topics: appropriateness of juvenile placements and treatment based on considerations of brain development, chronological age, maturity, trauma history and potential traumatic impacts; review of the appropriateness of assessments currently in use; and Youthful Offender System outcomes following recent eligibility changes.

Subsequently, the Commission assigned mandates to the Age of Delinquency Task Force, pursuant to House Bill 2019-1149. The Commission was mandated to: a) Compile data regarding all criminal filings in the state from the last 3 years that data is available in which a defendant is at least 18 or up to 25 years of age; and b) Study the established brain research for emerging adults and the data collected, study the potential impacts on the division of youth services and youthful offender system (if they also served emerging adults), and make recommendations to the general assembly regarding appropriate uses of the juvenile justice system for emerging adults. The Commission must create a report of the collected data and recommendations by June 30, 2020 for the Judiciary Committees of the House of Representatives and Senate.