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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Wyoming                                                                                                                                                   

Name of Agency:  Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, CJIS

Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, Criminal Histroy Records Supervisor, 208 S College Drive, Cheyenne WY 82002

Website:   http://wyomingdci.wyo.gov/dci-criminal-justice-information-systems-section/criminal-records-section/criminal-history-checks
Contact:   Jeff Cullen
Position:   Section Supervisor
Phone Number:   307-777-8665
Email:   wydci@wyo.gov


Accurate and complete criminal history records are not only important to the criminal justice professions, but have become increasingly important for purposes outside the criminal justice community. Employers, volunteer programs, and professional licensing are relying extensively on accurate criminal records. The importance of accurate reporting is further highlighted in the area of voter registration. Inaccurate reporting can deny citizens of this basic right.


Criminal history information for adult offenders is maintained forever, even when the charges were dismissed or if there was a declination of prosecution. The offender may file for an expungement with the court of jurisdiction if there is a state statute allowing for expungement. If an expungement is granted, the criminal history information will still be available for criminal justice purposes.

In 1987, the Wyoming Legislature passed the Wyoming Criminal History Record Act. It is located in Wyoming Statute 7-19-101 through 109. In addition to the existing duties to establish and maintain a system for the identification of criminals, the Act delegated to DCI the authority to promulgate rules and regulations concerning access and dissemination of criminal history record information, audit practices, and sanctions. The Act also stipulated those agencies required to report to DCI.


W.S. 7-19-107 (a) The Division of Criminal Investigation within the Office of the Attorney General is designated as the central repository for criminal history record information.


(b) For the purpose of maintaining complete and accurate criminal history record information at the central repository, all city, county and state law enforcement agencies, district courts, courts of limited jurisdiction, district attorneys, the department of corrections, state juvenile correctional institutions and local probation and parole agencies shall submit the criminal history record information required under this section for which they are responsible to the division for filing at the earliest time possible following the occurrence of the reportable event.


The Rules and Regulations DCI has promulgated at the direction of the State Legislature has explained the earliest time possible as "not to exceed seventy-two hours."


Wyoming's criminal history records are created with a submission of an arrest fingerprint card (FPC). Pursuant to W.S. 7-19-107 (c) all felonies, high misdemeanors, and other misdemeanor arrests deemed necessary by the Division are maintained.


If an arrest FPC is not submitted to DCI, that arrest will not be available on the subject's criminal history record at the state or FBI. Every arrest record maintained by the Division must have a FPC. DCI cannot create an arrest event based off of court documents alone.

Wyoming statutes contain a provision for a voluntary record check which enables any person to obtain a criminal record check on themselves and provide that record to any person they designate. This procedure requires the submission of an applicant fingerprint card. In addition, the applicant must also submit a fee which is also set by statute

All non-criminal justice searches for Wyoming criminal history records are based on positive identification through a fingerprint search. The applicants fingerprint images are compared to fingerprint images in the arrest files at the Division. This insures that any record released by the Division positively matches to the applicant fingerprints submitted, regardless of any name contained on the applicant fingerprint card or in the arrest record

Applicants can arrange for fingerprinting at a local law enforcement agency or at the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, 208 S. College Dr., in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Appointments can be made with the Division by calling 307-777-7181. Applicants desiring fingerprinting services from a local law enforcement agency should call the agency to determine what days or times they support fingerprinting services. In addition, an applicant must present a current government issued photo identification card, e.g. driver license, state identification card or passport, at the time of fingerprinting

Law Enforcement Agency:  
Turn Around Time:   Varies case by case--Wyoming criminal history record checks are generally completed within 2 weeks. However, depending on current monthly volume and the quality of the fingerprints submitted, it can take 5-6 weeks
Successful challenge:   Applicant will receive a clearance letter
Cost:            $15 Criminal History Check    $5 Fingerprints (may be charged)  --Payment should be submitted by money order for the total amount of fees and made payable to: The Office of the Attorney General. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED. No personal checks or credit cards are accepted. Please allow for ample time, as requests are processed on a first come basis. The address to submit payment to is Attn: ATS, 208 S. College Dr., Cheyenne, WY 82002.