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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Wisconsin                                                                                                                                                   

Name of Agency:    Wisconsin Department of Justice

Crime Information Bureau, P.O. Box 2718, Madison, WI 53701-2718

Website:   https://www.doj.state.wi.us/dles/cib/background-check-criminal-history-information#challenge
Contact:   Jon Morrison
Position:   Justice Program Supervisor
Phone Number:   608-266-0335 (General Line) 608-261-6267
Email:   CIBCriminalHistory@doj.state.wi.us  or morrisonjd@doj.state.wi.us

If you believe that the criminal history requested for you is actually about a different person, you can submit a criminal history challenge for review by CIB. To do so, you will have to submit a completed applicant fingerprint card (FD-258) (Example). The minimum data required for this submission includes: full name, sex, race, date of birth, reason fingerprinted (Criminal Record Challenge), and information regarding the official capturing the fingerprints. This fingerprint card will be submitted along with a completed Wisconsin Criminal History Challenge Form (DJ-LE-247)  to the address listed on the challenge form.  Fingerprint cards should not be folded for mailing.  There is no fee to request a challenge.


CIB will compare your fingerprints with the fingerprints of the person who gave a name similar to your name in connection with an arrest reported to the criminal history database.  If the fingerprints are not the same you will get a WiUPIN letter.  You can use this letter to prove to prospective employers or others that the criminal history that shows up in response to a criminal history search request for a name similar to your name does not belong to you.


As part of the identity confirmation process, your fingerprints will be compared with other fingerprints on file at CIB.  If a fingerprint comparison confirms that you are the subject of a criminal history record or unsolved crime, the information provided by you (including name and date of birth) may be added to the corresponding criminal history record and/or shared with other criminal justice agencies.  


CIB can not remove conviction records belonging to someone else from a criminal history search result for a name similar to your name.  Information submitted to the state criminal history repository is the property of the submitting entity and cannot be changed without permission of that entity.  You may request the submitting agency remove the information and have that agency notify CIB to make the change.


CIB’s Removal of Arrest Information Brochure may be of further assistance.
CIB’s Criminal Records Brochure may be of further assistance.
Additional forms, brochures and manuals may be found on the CIB Forms page

Law Enforcement Agency:  
Turn Around Time:   1-3 Weeks
Successful challenge:   The successful challenger receives a letter, which includes a Wisconsin Unique Personal Identification Number (WiUPIN), which can be submitted to potential employers. When someone submits a background check including the WiUPIN, the challenged record will be suppressed. In addision, a caveat is also attached to the challenged record, which indicates that there has been a successful challenge.
Cost:  No fee for challenge