West Virginia Information


Criminal Records Requirements for the State of  West Virginia                                                                                                                                               

Name of Agency:    Criminal Identification Unit

West Virginia State Police Headquarters 
725 Jefferson Road 
South Charleston, WV 25309

Website:   https://www.wvsp.gov/Criminal%20Records/Pages/default.aspx
Phone Number:   304-746-2100 or --(304)-746-2170  (304)-746-2402 (Fax)


You can visit the L1 website at www.identogo.com call the toll free # at 855-766-7746

 You will need to schedule an appointment with IdentoGO at their website and or call the toll free number listed above.

   All background checks will go through IdentoGO services.


*The Criminal Identification Bureau may furnish, with approval of the Superintendent, fingerprints, photographs, records or other information to any private or public agency, person, firm association, corporation or other organization, other than a law enforcement or governmental agency as to which provisions of subsection (c) of this section shall govern and control, but all requests under the provisions of this subsection (d) for such fingerprints, photographs, records or other information must be accompanied by a written authorization signed and acknowledged by the person whose fingerprints, photographs, records or other information.

Law Enforcement Agency:  
Turn Around Time:  
Successful challenge:  
Cost:   Dependant upon IdentoGO services