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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Washington                                                                                                                                                   

Name of Agency:    Criminal Records Division Background Check Unit 

 Identification and Criminal History section, PO Box 42633, Olympia, WA 98504-2633

Website:   http://www.wsp.wa.gov/crime/criminal-history/
Contact:   Lynette Brown
Position:   Background Check Supervisor    
Phone Number:   Phone Number 360-534-2000 (general line) or 360-534-2109
Email:   crimhis@wsp.wa.gov or  lynette.brown@wsp.wa.gov


The Compromised Identity Claim (CIC) program assists victims of compromised identity theft in the following ways:

• Provides the CIC claimant with a letter identifying the claimant’s state identification number (SID), and verifying that the claimant is not the same person as the other individual(s) in the database with similar name and date of birth descriptors.
• Provides the CIC claimant with a wallet card bearing the claimant’s name, SID, photograph, and thumbprint.
• A notation that a personal identification card has been submitted to the Identification and Background Check Section is disseminated on a background check.
• Allows the person to create a personal identification record with the Identification and Background Check Section.

To claim compromised identity, please complete the (Compromised Identity Claim)CIC form.




Download the Compromised Identity ClaimAdobe Acrobat File (CIC) form to take to your local law enforcement agency.

Please be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before completing the CIC form. The agency may charge a fingerprinting fee for their service. The agency will then mail ALL information in to the Section, along with your photo and fee. If the packet is missing the required fee, signed CIC form, fingerprint card, or was not sent in by a law enforcement agency, it will be returned to you.

You may make a request for conviction Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) by submitting a completed Request for Conviction Criminal History Form, along with applicable fees to the Identification and Background Check Section.

Law Enforcement Agency:  
Turn Around Time:   Processing Time: 14-28 days
Successful challenge:    
Cost:   $38