Vendor Directory

The CJIS Vendor Management Program is designed make it easier for vendors who contract with Colorado criminal justice agencies to meet CJIS Security Policy standards. Below is a directory of companies that have enrolled in the Vendor Management Program.

Because CJIS Compliance is a process that can change as technology and law enforcement’s business needs change, participation in this program and presence in the Vendor Directory is not a guarantee of CJIS Compliance. However, it demonstrates a working knowledge of CJIS standards and a commitment to maintain these high standards.

Notice to criminal justice agencies: if your agency contracts with any of these vendors, please visit the Instructions for Agencies section of this website to ensure you have completed all steps to subscribe to the vendor.

This list is updated monthly and may not contain vendors added recently. For up-to-date information about enrolled vendors, please contact This list was last updated: 4/25/2018.

Vendor Name Account Reference Number Point of Contact Phone Email
2H Mechanical, LLC COVCP0065 Ann Taylor 970-778-4600
Access COVCP0088 Joe Vela 720-450-5677
Act 1 Group DBA ATIMS COVCP0120 Flo Ferrara 818-428-6186
Acuity Services COVCP0048 Jeffrey Benton 720-941-9584
Adams County Communication Center (Adcom911) COVCP0062 Lee Widhalm 303-227-7104
Adventos Corporation COVCP0010 Mariano Delle Donne 303-800-5037
Allied Power Services Inc. COVCP0014 Michael Grenz 303-880-3317
Amazon Web Services, Inc. COVCP0053 Contracts Lead 206-266-1000
American Facility Services Group, Inc. COVCP0006 Nicole Natividad 303-984-7400
Antero, Inc COVCP0126 Krista Erickson 425-301-5966
Automation Designs & Solutions Inc COVCP0040 Carolyn Rains 601-992-4121
Axis Business Technologies COVCP0096 Thomas Nixon 719-630-8600
Axon Enterprise, Inc COVCP0005 Gregory Hewes 234-738-4465
BCM Global Technologies Consultants, Inc. COVCP0013 Shawn Buchanan 866-761-8880
Bearcom COVCP0093 Tom Belzer 720-904-5860
BIAS Corporation  COVCP0055 Jennifer Davis 770-685-6215
BIS COVCP0057 Michael Rusnack 405-418-7418
Black Creek Integrated Systems COVCP0058 Jason Young 205-949-9956
Building Technology Systems COVCP0045 Michael K. Black / Bob Nemmers 303-744-2235 X 221 /
BW Electric Inc. (dba - BW Systems) COVCP0080 Dianne Thiele 719-633-0718
Capital Business Systems, Inc COVCP0078 W Alan Hughes 307-637-6767
Central Fire Protection Contractors, Inc. COVCP0109 Chris Callinicos 303-576-8157
Citadel Security USA COVCP0133 Brent Jagger 9703144185
CivicScape, LLC COVCP0101 Sean Coari 630-779-2102
Clear Perceptions-Graphics, Inc. COVCP0060 Steve Dim 970-481-4979
CMIT Solutions of Boulder East-Broomfield COVCP0019 Susan Bateman 303-673-9994 X804
CML Security COVCP0119 Tammie Engel 720-466-3650 x.813
Colorado Doorways, Inc COVCP0084 Janice Baumgartner 303-312-0301
Colorado River Fire Protection District/ VCP COVCP0033 Connie Guerette 970-625-1243
Complete Business Systems COVCP0083 Travis Smith 303-467-9080 /
Computer Information Systems, Inc COVCP0105 Jon Yefsky 877-673-7800
Computer Sites Inc COVCP0130 Willy Colby 303-618-9257
Conduent COVCP0012 Terry Johnston 321-202-5847
Correct Care Solutions COVCP0108 Andrew D Walter 309-256-0689
Crossmatch COVCP0041 Julie Halleck 561-493-7375
Crosspoint Communications, Inc. COVCP0025 Ken Wallander 972-819-1081
Cyrun COVCP0136 Darrell Luera 831-205-2057
Datamaxx Applied Technologies COVCP0008 Christina Lake 850-558-8102
DataWorks Plus LLC COVCP0039 Deanna Allen; Lisa Cole 864-672-6731; 864-672-6725;
Dawn B. Holmes, Inc. COVCP0118 Dawn Holmes 303-814-8150
Defi Consulting COVCP0117 Lisa Ingarfield  970-219-7595
Delehoy Construction, Inc COVCP0107 Grant E Elliot 970-226-0836
Denver Metro Protective Services COVCP0123 Les Thompson 720-506-1600
Diverse Computing, Inc  COVCP0095 Daniel Percy 850-656-3333
Dominion Technology Group, Inc COVCP0106 Joseph Hornsey 719-338-5406
DP Guardian, Inc COVCP0114 Amanda Stein 3037830191
Durgin Electric, LLC COVCP0063 Peggy Ball, Todd Hibbard 970-704-9473
Edicia COVCP0111 Brett Stanley 719-492-5745
eForce Software COVCP0098 Steve Kooyman 888-570-4943
Electronic Systems International, Inc COVCP0103 Christiane Castle 719-473-2660
Elk Mountain Technology COVCP0127 Jeff Edelson 9703069009
e-Tek Systems, Inc. COVCP0102 Joseph Breeding 303-518-4735
Executech Utah Inc COVCP0037 Sandra Smith 801-253-4541
Fairfax Imaging, Inc. COVCP0099 Mark Siefert 530-368-6888
FCI Constructors, Inc. COVCP0067 Rhonda Powers 970-434-9093
First Watch Solutions, Inc. COVCP0049 Mercedes Mancuso 760-658-9841
FirstOnScene, LLC COVCP0030 Margaret Buss 4152594465
Fort Lewis College COVCP0072 Jeff Hughes  970-903-2410
Gaming Laboratories International, LLC COVCP0022 James R Maida 732-942-3999
GL Computer Service, Inc COVCP0007 Gregory Larson 970-641-4051
Grabar Voice & Data Inc COVCP0032 John Grabar 701-258-3528
Happel & Associates, Inc. COVCP0061 Brad Silk 303-277-9358
Haynes Mechanical Systems COVCP0132 Michele Hockemeyer 3037790781
Hi Country Wire & Telephone dba High Country Workplace Technologies COVCP0089 Jim Whitfield 303-467-5517
Iberon, LLC COVCP0131 Jim Surles 713-559-2452
Jerry Master Janitorial Services Inc COVCP0052 Jerry Smith 970-524-0609
Justice Benefits, Inc. COVCP0124 Mark Robinson 972-406-3700
Kleen-Tech Services Corporation COVCP0042 Vianey Fudge 303-468-6333
KT International, Inc COVCP0003 Henwell Chou 860-265-4686
Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority (LETA) COVCP0031 Kimberly Culp 970-962-2175
Lewan & Associates COVCP0011 Mike Zallard 303-759-9633
Lewis Fowler, LLC COVCP0097 Meghan Donohue 720-638-6802
Logistic Systems, Inc. COVCP0017 Lois Jensen 406-728-0893
LONG Building Technologies COVCP0071 Jim Van Dyke 303-742-3357
Low Voltage Installations COVCP0135 Shawn Tank 303-250-6870
Microsoft Corporation COVCP0002 Jacqueline Babaian, Jason Rosa 425-706-1391,
Moetivations, Inc COVCP0113 Maureen Dieckmann; Laura Bond 303-993-7850;
MorphoTrak LLC COVCP0023 Josephine Fegan 714-575-2918
MorphoTrust USA, LLC COVCP0047 Ruth Cote 978-215-2679
Motorola Solutions Inc COVCP0035 Kim Bales 303-527-4066
Motus Technology Solutions COVCP0051 Greg Reed 720-724-7838
Mountain States Imaging, LLC COVCP0112 Ryan Candela 720-390-7080
N-Line Electric, LLC  COVCP0046 Bill Hamlin 303-702-1147
Numerica Corporation COVCP0004 Nicholas Coult 970-207-2252
O & M Office Cleaning LLC COVCP0050 Margarita V Jenkin 970-254-1509
OIT @ CDPS COVCP0091 Steve Holland 303-239-4679
OneNeck IT Solutions LLC COVCP0077 Bill Kennedy 303-734-4026
Open Justice Broker Consortium (OJBC) COVCP0129 Andrew T Owen 916-215-3933
Piper Electric CO, Inc COVCP0104 Scott Strasheim 303-422-9219
Platinum Technology, LLC COVCP0116 Joseph Dassaro 970-526-6499 X 205
Police Evidence Audits, LLC COVCP0115 Susan Doerhoff 303-319-8242
PowerDMS, Inc COVCP0001 Heath Hensley; Josie Linares; Sandy Miranda 407-992-6000;;
ProCom Electrical Services, Inc COVCP0075 Janet Reed 719-368-7769
ProMiles Software Development Corporation COVCP0016 Brandy Ashworth 409-697-2587
Provelocity COVCP0020 Jon Labrum 970-263-6910
Public Consulting Group, Inc. COVCP0018 Todd Schrubb 717-701-3119
QDS Communications Inc. COVCP0026 Joe Poffel 303-680-6271
R & A Enterprises of Carbondale, Inc. COVCP0064 Travis Peterson 970-945-6500
RBR Cleaning Solutions, LLC COVCP0029 Brian Maginess 303-761-0122
Revision Inc. COVCP0079 Pam Neal 303-478-6878
Rocky Mountain Microfilm & Imaging LLC COVCP0110 Michael Gudenkauf 303-427-0625
RTH Inc D.B.A. Connecting Point COVCP0122 Jesse Rosales 970-395-2320
Secure Outcomes Inc COVCP0038 Jack Harper 303-670-8375
Security Central, Inc COVCP0137 Jordan Jackson 303-721-0111
Securus Technologies Inc COVCP0094 Jennifer Skertich 469-878-2407
Shamash Investments, Inc dba Synergy Mechanical Services COVCP0087 Micah Shamash 720-427-7789
SimplexGrinnell COVCP0082 Brian Dunn 7195744215
Soft Industries Diversified, Inc. dba ITProVision.NET COVCP0073 Pete Deichmann 720-810-5998
Southern Ute Tribe dba Southern Ute Shared Services COVCP0068 Alan Young 970-563-5602
Spillman Technologies, Inc. COVCP0021 Deborah Westbroek/ Kellen Knowles 801-902-1841 / 801-902-1210
Sturgeon Electric LLC COVCP0024 Todd Frank 303-286-8000
Sundown Services, Inc COVCP0090 Rodney Lie 720-515-2008
Superion COVCP0044 Jose Figueiredo Jr 336-878-1291
Synoptek LLC COVCP0059 Randy Russo, Nancy Moore 303-713-3275,
Tab Products, LLC COVCP0034 Ken Madsen 720-261-5886
Team Clean Inc. COVCP0092 Tony Gancev 970-468-2378
TEKsystems, Inc. COVCP0070 Brandi Sandoval / Christy Bracha 719-866-6903 / 719-866-6922 /
TellTek COVCP0081 Craig M. Reisinger 303-680-1597
Teryx, Inc. COVCP0069 Tobias Tonelli 303-293-2556
Tetrus Corp. COVCP0134 Sharad Rao 908-420-1555
Trinity Services Group COVCP0128 Erica Shaw 602-272-0845
TriTech Software Systems COVCP0036 Michael Nabors // Jamie Craig 858-799-7340 //
Twin City Security COVCP0085 Stefan Nelson 303-574-0000
Tyde Systems, LLC COVCP0054 Jeffrey S. Lodwick 303-632-6673
U.S. Cleaning Professionals, Inc COVCP0027 Kristy Driver 970-245-9777
U.S. Engineering Company COVCP0125 Lyle Smith 303-629-1244
Varsity Facility Services COVCP0121 Richard Parker 720-501-7729
Venture Technologies COVCP0028 Hope Bishop 601-978-6110
Versaterm COVCP0009 Kathleen MacKinnon 613-820-0311
Vertiba, Inc. COVCP0066 Robert Withers 720-934-4803
ViaWest, Inc. COVCP0015 Kimberly Adamson; Beth Cima 720-891-1080;
VideoTronix, Incorporated COVCP0074 Becca Rausenberger 952-746-8770
Vigilant Solutions, LLC COVCP0056 Patrick "Pete" Fagan 925-398-2079 EXT. 751
Wells and West General Contractors, Inc. COVCP0076 John Byers 719-260-9999
Western States Fire Protection COVCP0100 Katie Gruner 970-366-4735
Wireless Advanced Communications COVCP0043 Steve McMurren 970-330-9415  X 232