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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Utah                                                                                                                                               

Name of Agency:    Department of Public Safety - Bureau of Criminal Identification

3888 West 5400 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84129

Website:   https://bci.utah.gov/criminal-records/
Contact:   Lauralee Blue
Position:   Records Supervisor
Phone Number:   801-965-4445 (General line) or 801-281-5094
Email:   lblue@utah.gov

You may challenge the completeness and accuracy of your criminal history record information by filling out the

attached Application to Challenge Criminal History Records form provided by the State of Utah, Department of

Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). Please complete all of the steps described below.

Failure to properly complete one of the steps may cause a delay in processing your application.


1. Fill out the top portion of the application. List all of your previous names including married and maiden

names. Be sure to read and sign the application.


2. Take the application to a law enforcement agency such as your city police department or county sheriff’s

office. You will need to obtain a FBI FD-258 Applicant 10 print card to submit with this application.

Government issued photo ID must be provided (for example, passport, state ID card, consulate ID card,

and driver license.) Regular Drivers Licenses are accepted; however “Utah Driver Privilege Cards” WILL NOT be accepted by BCI as valid ID. Driving Privilege Cards state on them that they are not to be used as ID. NOTE: The fingerprints may be

taken at our office, Bureau of Criminal Identification, 3888 West 5400 South, Taylorsville, Utah.


3. Attach a copy of your criminal history record and highlight the information you wish to challenge.

You should also submit supporting documentation to show why you believe that the information

contained on the criminal history record is incorrect. You must prove to the satisfaction of BCI that the

criminal history record information is incomplete or inaccurate.


4. Once BCI receives your Application to Challenge Criminal History Records, it will be handled as an

informal adjudicative proceeding in accordance with Utah Code Ann. § 63G-4-203.


5. If BCI is satisfied that you have sufficiently documented that your criminal history record information is

incomplete or inaccurate, BCI will amend the criminal history record accordingly.


6. If BCI denies the challenge, no further hearing, review, or reconsideration shall be granted. If you are

dissatisfied with the decision made by BCI regarding the completeness or accuracy of the criminal

history record information, you may appeal BCI’s decision to district court in accordance with Utah

Code Ann. § 63G-4-402. 

Law Enforcement Agency:  
Turn Around Time:  Approximately 2 weeks
Successful challenge:   Depends on outcome. If non-ident they receive a letter to keep with them. If we update their record, we send them an updated copy of their record
Cost:   $15