Tech Team


The mission of the CBI Tech Team is to provide technology-enhanced collaboration between different sections within the Bureau–as well as local law enforcement–when responding to a scene or assisting with an investigation. Through its technological resources, communication channels, and data collection and dissemination methods, the Tech Team strives to enhance the Bureau’s excellence in solving crimes and supporting the community.



The Tech Team is designed to support incident response statewide by providing audio/visual resources, gathering and disseminating vital information, and facilitating communication channels through wireless, cellular, radio, or satellite. We can also serve as a check-in point for all responders on scene, and can retain and provide a responder list to command/executive staff at a moment's notice.

The team can be deployed with CBI Investigations/Forensics, or called upon independently to help manage data. Additionally, we can be called in advance to assist with proactive operations (e.g., takedowns, fugitive apprehensions).

Members of the Tech Team do not serve in an Incident Commander capacity. If your incident requires assistance in this way, please request the assistance of our Investigations Unit.



When we "set up camp", it's...

  • Compact
  • Adaptable
  • Maneuverable
  • Portable

At this phase of the Tech Team’s development, we aren’t offering a large scale mobile incident command center. In fact, the majority of our loadout fits into a 5'x4' road case. Because the CBI is an assist agency, we often find ourselves in far reaches of the state, and keeping the loadout small-scale is the most effective way to bring our resources wherever they are needed. Also, we acknowledge that some incident command centers are impromptu setups in schools or churches, and in order to be most effective, we want the team to be in the center of it all. By keeping our loadout compact, we ensure we can quickly set up all equipment in any indoor environment.

The Tech Team currently has the following equipment that can be deployed according to agency need:

  • 43" Televisions and stands
  • Portable projection screens
  • High definition mini projectors
  • High definition video cameras
  • GoPros
  • Wireless access point with 680ft range (dependent on cellular service)
  • Satellite phones
  • 8 screen-casting/sharing devices
  • 1,000-lumen flashlights
  • 3,100-watt generator
  • 5 battery packs for personal device charging
  • Miscellany such as zip ties, velcro ties, bungee cords, an assortment of cables and adapters, headphones, speakers, and more.

We are currently researching even more equipment to enhance our services, such as MobileID, radios, and aerial photography.



The Tech Team can conduct onsite, realtime research, using methods such as:

  • CCIC/NCIC/Nlets (criminal history, warrants, missing persons, stolen vehicles, driver information)
  • Court records
  • Social media searches
  • Analyst databases

We can also facilitate dissemination of data by:

  • Tracking personnel and retaining contact information
  • Displaying briefing screens to provide an at-a-glance recap
  • Organizing task lists, leads, and updates
  • Communicating updates via mobile
  • Creating maps for visual aids


Our team is comprised of 12 skilled and enthusiastic members from all three of the CBI's CJIS support divisions: Crime Information Management Unit (CIMU), Biometric Identification and Records Unit, and Firearms InstaCheck Unit.

For more information, contact team leads:


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