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Please use the forms below to submit evidence:

Evidence Submission Form (download)

Toxicology Only Submission Form

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Forensic Services Submission and Analysis of Evidence

General Notice to Customers

This document serves as a general notification to our customers regarding the submission and analysis of evidence.  We exist to service our customers.  It is our intention to ensure your understanding of all of our services, including our testing methods.  Please do not hesitate to contact one of our facilities when questions arise.

Review of Requests for Analysis

Requests for analysis will be made at the time evidence is submitted or subsequent requests—amendments—may be made after evidence is already in the custody of CBI.  All requests will be verified based on the following three points:

  1. The individual requesting analysis is authorized by statute to do so;
  2. The evidence being submitted meets the general and discipline-specific submission guidelines of the CBI-FS.
  3. The service being requesting is a category of testing performed by the CBI-FS and the analytical method is utilized by this agency.


Establishment of a Contract/Changes to the Contract

The CBI-FS establishes a binding agreement with their customers in the following ways:

  1. For submitted evidence, the contract is established once the Request for Laboratory Examination (RFLE) has been accepted.
  2. An alternate method may be proposed or additional testing may be performed if the CBI-FS deems this substitute/additional testing to be beneficial to the customer.  The customer will be notified on a case by case basis;
  3. If the proposed analysis will require consumption of the evidence, the CBI-FS will notify the customer on a case by case basis. 


Selection of Methods

The CBI-FS will select the appropriate method for testing based on the CBI-FSs current documented and validated methods. Certain circumstances may necessitate a deviation from documented testing methods. The customer will be notified of these deviations only if the deviation will affect the requested analysis.

Subcontracting Analysis

In the rare circumstance where it has been determined that the CBI-FS cannot meet the needs of our customer, we will outsource the analysis to an accredited laboratory per the State of Colorado’s procurement policy and procedure and CBI-FS QP7.