Available Services

The CBI InstaCheck Unit - is charged with carrying out background checks on behalf of individuals wishing to purchase firearms in the State of Colorado from federally licensed firearms’ dealers. This is accomplished through a process of querying a series of databases, and comparing this information with federal and Colorado statutes and guidelines which prohibit the purchase of firearms based on certain defined criteria. The CBI denies or approves a purchase based on the best information available at the time of the query. In light of this criteria, InstaCheck does not have the discretionary authority to deviate from these requirements.


The CBI InstaCheck Appeals Unit - works with individuals who are denied the ability to purchase a firearm and appeal to the CBI for reconsideration. The Appeals Unit, upon receiving the appeal, will review the denial and return a response within 30 days. In many cases, the Appeals Unit is able to overturn a denial based on additional information provided by the appellant or obtained by the CBI as a result of the appeals process. On many occasions the Appeals Unit has been able to work with the appellant to correct or update erroneous or missing information from the record. This may not only result in a reversed denial, but assist in the correction of information which could otherwise have a negative impact on things such as professional licensing, housing, and employment.


The CBI Concealed Handgun Permit Unit - is charged with conducting fingerprint based background checks to assist Colorado’s Sheriff’s in their role as the issuing authority for Concealed Handgun Permits in the state. Applications for Concealed Handgun Permits are made to the Sheriff of a jurisdiction which will make the final determination as to whether or not to issue a Concealed Handgun Permit to the applicant. The CBI InstaCheck/Concealed Handgun Permit Unit strives to provide the best possible customer service to all parties with whom we interact, in fulfilling this important public safety mandate. We welcome any feedback you may have that would assist us in this goal.