Update Regarding Ruling Involving Sex Offender Registry

09/06/2017—The CBI is receiving a number of questions and calls following last week's ruling by a Federal judge regarding the State's Sex Offender Registry managed by the Bureau. Here is a synopsis along with a statement from Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman.

The CBI is working in concert with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office regarding the ruling involving the Colorado Sex Offender Registry. Meanwhile, the CBI will continue to lawfully maintain the state's Sex Offender Registry. Please refer to the statement issued by Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman for additional information:

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said in a statement that she is working with other state officials to determine how best to proceed with the case.

“While concerning, yesterday’s (Aug. 31) ruling affects only three individuals and does not call into question the constitutionality of Colorado’s sex offender registry as a whole, which continues to be lawfully maintained by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. I am committed to having a robust sex offender registry in our state that protects the public,” Coffman said in the statement.

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