Phone Scam Targets Registered Sex Offenders

01/14/2019—The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been alerted that a handful of registered sex offenders have received calls from a scammer falsely representing law enforcement and demanding individuals pay a fine to avoid an arrest.

During the call, the scammer identifies himself as a ‘sex offender compliance officer.’ Unfortunately, this has occurred on several occasions in recent weeks, not only in Colorado, but also in other states. This is a scam! The CBI, or other members of law enforcement, would never call an individual and threaten an arrest if a debt, fine or other fee was not paid. 

In fact, law enforcement will never call anyone and demand a fine/fee be paid to avoid an arrest warrant, taxes, or to release a grandchild from a foreign jail, etc.  

If you receive a call of this nature, simply hang up the phone and do not engage the caller. You can report the information to the CBI either via phone (1-855-443-3489) 24/7, or via email (