New Look to CBI’s 2017 Colorado Crime Stats

09/27/2018—There’s a new name and look for the state’s annual crime statistics published by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The Colorado Crime Stats system (formerly the Crime in Colorado report) includes crime statistics reported by 245 law enforcement agencies across Colorado.

The new format transitions the state of Colorado to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), which offers extensive information about each crime. This differs from the Summary Reporting System (SRS) that was part of previous Crime in Colorado reports. In the former Summary Reporting System, each criminal incident was summarized to the single most serious offense, whereas NIBRS counts each crime committed in a given incident.  As a result, NIBRS statistics generally provide counts greater than the Summary Reporting System. It’s important to know that this is not necessarily an indication of more crime, only greater detail regarding the crimes committed.

Because NIBRS data is collected differently from the older reporting method used for Crime in Colorado, the CBI will be removing Crime in Colorado links and allowing users to use the Colorado Crime Stats system to compare NIBRS data collected for each year dating back to 2013.

There are a number of benefits of transitioning to this new reporting:

  • A NIBRS-based public report allows the statistics collected by law enforcement agencies to be presented in the manner in which they were collected, without the CBI having to convert the data from NIBRS to the Summary Reporting System.
  • The FBI intends to migrate the nation to NIBRS completely in the next three years, and already provides some NIBRS reports to the public. This change aligns the CBI with this FBI initiative.
  • The new system allows law enforcement agencies to correct errors to their reported statistics as needed, which will provide visitors with the most updated crime data. The former Crime in Colorado report was a static document and did not allow for changes or updates.
  • Colorado Crime Stats allows visitors to the site to view dozens of existing reports or to build customized reports for a more robust review of statewide crime data.

The CBI expects there to be a period of adjustment in understanding the applications of the new system for both law enforcement and the public. The CBI Crime Information Management Unit has identified a team to provide support through online videos provided by the vendor and customer assistance.

The 2017 Colorado Crime Stats page gives a detailed overview of crime in the state last year, while Colorado Crime Stats is the website to access crime statistics for individual law enforcement jurisdictions.



Colorado Crime Stats website

2017 Colorado Crime Statistics page

(To view the data from previous years, select the year from the drop down menu (left side of page), then run report (right side of page)

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