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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Nevada                                                                                                                                                   

Name of Agency:    Nevada Department of Public Safety - General Services Division

 333 West Nye Lane, Suite 100, Carson City, NV 89706

Contact:   Erica Souza-Llamas
Position:   Criminal History Repository Manager
Phone Number:   (775) 684-6262 (general)  or 775-684-6241

An individual may request his or her State of Nevada criminal history record or notice of no criminal history record from the Criminal History Repository by submitting the following documents:


 - A complete rolled ten print fingerprint card; 

 - A completed ID form DPS-006, and 

 - A money order or cashier's check made payable to the Department of Public Safety General Services Division.


Fingerprinting services may be obtained from a law enforcement agency or any authorized fingerprinting service. The ID form DPS-006, by mail, fax or in person from the General Services Division.


After receiving your Nevada criminal history record, you may challenge any information you feel is in error, and submit a request for its correction. To do so you may come to the General Services Division in person or submit a request in writing to:


Department of Public Safety

General Services Division

333 West Nye Lane, Suite 100

Carson City, NV 89706


The General Services Division staff will research the request and respond to you by mail. If it is determined that the information is erroneous, the corrections will be made at the General Services Division. The FBI will be notified of the corrections. Please note that the Criminal History Repository can only make corrections to information which originated from Nevada criminal justice agencies. To obtain corrections on information which originated outside of Nevada, you will need to contact the FBI and/or the criminal history records repository of other states. 

Law Enforcement Agency:  

The local law enforcement agency is responsible for submitting the appropriate Add/Change/Delete documentation to the state Repository. Repository staff will make the appropriate changes to the state & FBI criminal history records upon receipt of the

Add/Change/Delete form"
Turn Around Time:  
Successful challenge:   If the victim contacts the state Repository first, we will provide a letter with the findings of our fingerprint examination as to whether the prints have been identified against any criminal records. If the victim contacts their local law enforcement first, the Add/Change/Delete process is utilized.                   

$23.50 for Criminal History Check Application (DPS-006)

$0 Add/ Change/Delete Form