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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Mississippi                                                                                                                                                   

Name of Agency:   Mississippi Department of Public Safety Criminal Information Center


Website:   https://www.dps.state.ms.us/divisions/support-services/criminal-information-center/
Phone Number:  


You have several choices for ordering the Mississippi Criminal Arrest cards:

  • Call the AFIS section during normal business hours at 1-800-594-3997
  • fax your request to 601-933-2676
  • email your request to afis@dps.ms.gov

Your order will be shipped to the Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) district substation nearest to your agency, unless you specify another substation that is more convenient. Your agency can pick up the cards at the MHP substation in approximately 10 working days.

Where can I go to find instructions on how to complete the Mississippi Criminal Arrest Card?

We will soon be providing instructions online, but in the meantime, you will need to contact the AFIS section during normal business hours at 1-800-594-3997 or submit an email request to afis@dps.ms.gov.


The forms below are PDF documents that can be accessed by clicking on the PDF links listed below.

Authorization to Release MS Criminal Record Inquiry

Court Disposition Form

Expungement of Records Procedure

MBI Agency Request Form

National Instant Criminal Background Check System (Entry Form)

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