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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Maine                                                                                                                                                  

Name of Agency:  Maine State Bureau of Investigation


Phone Number:   207-624-7240

The online site provides you with electronic access to request criminal history record and juvenile crime information maintained by the Maine State Police, State Bureau of Identification. This records search will provide you with all the conviction and adjudication information for adult and juvenile crimes committed within the State of Maine that the Bureau of Identification currently has on record, as well as pending cases less than one year old. There is a difference regarding what information will be disseminated for an adult versus a juvenile. To learn more about what information will be provided, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

This request is based on a name and date of birth search. There are two types of responses possible:

  • When no record is found for the name and date of birth provided you will receive the following response: "NO MATCH WAS FOUND FOR YOUR REQUEST."
  • When a record is found for the name and date of birth provided, you will receive a record that contains conviction information and pending charges less than one year old. The record provided may belong to another individual with the same or essentially similar name and date of birth, as personal identifiers, name and date of birth, are used to conduct search.
Law Enforcement Agency:  
Turn Around Time:   Most search results will be returned via e-mail within two hours. If your search results are not returned within twelve hours, then your inquiry may be one that requires manual intervention. Search results for inquiries that require manual intervention may be delayed for up to 2 weeks.
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