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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Indiana                                                                                                                                                

Name of Agency:    Indiana State Police - CJISS Section

 Indiana State Police, CJIS Unit, 100 N. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN. 46204

Contact:   Kenneth O'Hare
Position:   Program Coordinator III
Phone Number:   317-233-5037

Victim submits request letter. The letter should state the following, The persons name if they have knowledge of the name and a brief

description of what has been stolen. Name, Date of birth, Social Security Number and copy of record check that they did through us. Copy of their drivers license, social security card and fingerprint results. IF they have a copy of their fingerprints that would be great. Would prefer they would be or a licensed fingerprint company like Morpho Trust


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Law Enforcement Agency:   The Individual themself needs to sumbit the information.
IF a Law Enforcement agency in the state of Indiana has one then they need to sumit on their letterhead the Identity Theft record and what happened. Signed by their Chief or Commander of the agency."
Turn Around Time:   2-4 Weeks
Successful challenge:  

Once the process is completed you will receive either a copy of your transcript or a No Record Letter. To challenge any part of your record with which you do not agree, bring your transcript to:

Indiana State Police CJIS Section
Indiana Government Center North
Suite N-302 (east elevators)
100 N. Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204

It is best to have court documentation to back up your challenges. You can obtain the needed documentation from the courts in which you were originally tried. 

(The No Record Letter or Record can be notarized for them. Prevention from future incidents, With the numerous of Out of State agencies that do Criminal Record Checks, there is the possibilty that the record will still pop up. The person would need to know the name of the agency that did the check and submit a copy of the letter to them.)

Cost:  $21.95