Fees and Forms

Criminal History Record Information (CCHRI) Fees

The fees listed below are broken down into two (2) categories:

  1. Colorado statewide criminal history record information
  2. Colorado and nationwide (FBI) criminal history record information

Address: Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), 690 Kipling Street - Suite 4000, Lakewood, CO 80215

Payment: Acceptable forms for payment are Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amercian Express or money order, bank check, preprinted business check. Payment must be in U.S. funds, with no personal checks being accepted, or cash if you bring the fingerprint card to our office.

Please make payments to the CBI.  Overpayments are not accepted and will be returned which will delay the process.


Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
Name Search - Internet $6.85
Name Search - Manual $13.00
Fingerprint Search


Fingerprint Search - (Specific agencies authorized by law)


(When authorized by law and a CBI search has been processed)  
*The fee for Colorado is included in the nationwide fee.  
Name search Not Permitted
Fingerprint search - (CBI&FBI) $38.50
Fingerprint search - (CBI&FBI-Specific agencies authorized by law)



Forms for Criminal History Record Information Searches
Use the links below for printable forms.
Completed forms should be mailed to the CBI.

Arrest Request Form:  PDF

For name-based criminal history record information searches only. 
Print legibly in BLACK ink or type the information.

Credit Card Form:  PDF 
Fill in information and sign in blue ink.