The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Services will host two different Crime Scene Investigation classes. Please read the descriptions of each class to determine which class is best suited for your needs. 

FEES:  There will be no fee for this training; however, all meals and lodging will be the responsibility of the attendee or their law enforcement agency.


Crime Scene Investigation for the Scene Investigator / Detective

Course Description: 

This course is intended for the newly appointed Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) / Detective, or those who need a refresher/additional training, and who are responsible for processing crime scenes ranging from property crimes to crimes against persons.  Topics included cover initial response / crime scene management, advanced photography, death / injury / human decomposition, DNA and biological evidence collection, firearms and tool-mark evidence, latent print collection, footwear / tire impression evidence, trajectory analysis, bloodstain pattern analysis.  Also included are evidence packaging as well as case presentations and a capstone practice exercise to reinforce key learning points from lectures.

Crime Scene Photography – Camera settings, file formats, use of flash / fill flash, use of overall, midrange and close up methodology

Crime Scene Diagramming – Measurement methods, preparing the rough sketch and finished diagrams

Collection of Firearms / Firearms Evidence – Identification of firearms related evidence, rendering firearms safe, packaging of firearms evidence

Trace Evidence Identification and Collection – Hairs, fibers, arson evidence, collecting and packaging

Mechanics of Injury – Sharp force, blunt force, gunshot wounds

Impression Evidence (Footwear / Tire) – Documenting and preserving impression evidence

Evidence Submission – Evidence submission to CBI

Practical exercises will be utilized to supplement and reinforce information provided in the lectures.  Attendees should bring a camera, ideally, a DSLR of the same type that will be used in the field.

This course is 24 hours. Class size is limited and CBI authorization is required.


Denver Metro Area

06/09/2020 – 06/11/2020 (Frank DeAngelis Community Safety Center)-Canceled

10/13/2020 – 10/15/2020 (Frank DeAngelis Community Safety Center)-Canceled


Grand Junction Area

08/18/2020 – 08/20/2020 CBI Grand Junction Lab-Canceled


Pueblo Area

07/07/2020-07/09/2020 Trinidad/Las Animas County Sheriff's Office (Trinidad Ambulance District Training Room 939 Robinson Ave, Trinidad, CO 91082)-Canceled

08/04/2020 – 08/06/2020 CBI Pueblo Lab-Canceled


Registration: https://forms.gle/Ex5dar7mTqhd1QWo7



CONTACT INFORMATION:  If you have any questions, please contact Jana Bates at jana.bates@state.co.us.