Colorado Crime Information Center

The Colorado Crime Information Center (CCIC) is a computerized information system used to provide criminal justice information to Colorado criminal justice agencies.  The mission is to provide and maintain accurate and timely documented criminal justice information in an effort to prevent crime and protect life and property by enabling the rapid exchange of valid, complete information among criminal justice agencies.

Criminal justice information is defined as "information collected by criminal justice agencies needed for the performance of their legally authorized, required function."  This information includes:

*Vehicle registration

*Driver license information

*Crime and arrest records

*Wanted persons/other persons of interest

*Sex offenders

*Missing persons

*Unidentified persons

*Property (stolen, recovered, lost, used in crimes, used by fugitive and pawned)

*Bulletins:  notices from other states, weather/road conditions, vehicle law summaries,  description of DMV files, criminal history files, boat information, Homeland Security bulletins

*Notification of urgent situations (crimes just occurred, jailbreaks, unsolved crimes, attempts to locate, emergency messages)

*Crime and arrest statistics

*Incident reports

*ORIs, phone numbers, and addresses to criminal justice agencies nationwide

*Operation identification / bicycle and ski registration

The information sharing components of the Colorado criminal justice network are:

CCIC             Colorado Crime Information Center

NCIC             National Crime Information Center

NLETS           International Justice & Public Safety Network

DNR              Colorado Department of Natural Resources

DOR              Colorado Department of Revenue/Department of Motor Vehicles

DOC              Department of Corrections

OIT-CDPS       Governor’s Office of Information Technology

TECS             Treasury Enforcement Communication System

INTERPOL      International Criminal Police Organization

CPIC             Canadian Police Information Center

CICJIS            Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System


Who Uses CCIC?

Criminal Justice Agencies:

Police/Sheriff Departments at all government levels including Highway Patrol

Prosecuting Agencies (DA's)


Corrections and Probation

Parole commissions at all government levels

Government agencies that collect fingerprint identification information

CJIS System Agencies (CSA) formally called control terminal agencies (CBI)

Regional organizations established by statute and governed by law enforcement to process criminal justice information

See 28CFR part 20