CJIS Vendor Management Program - FAQ

There are CJIS vendors who have been working in Colorado with several law enforcement agencies.  Do those need to have our personnel re-fingerprinted to participate in the program?

Yes. In the past, law enforcement agencies have had individuals from private companies fingerprinted under their ORI.  In order to make the fingerprint status available to all law enforcement in Colorado, the vendor employees will need to be re-fingerprinted under the CBI-issued account number.


Can a law enforcement agency require additional background checks beyond the fingerprint-based background check performed by CBI?

Yes. The CJIS Vendor Management Program ensures the minimum background check required by FBI-CJIS standards is performed, but a law enforcement agency may have a more restrictive policy.


Can a law enforcement agency use a CJIS vendor who has chosen not to participate in the program?

Yes.  However, the agency will need to perform their own fingerprinting of all vendor employees. Additional law enforcement agencies using the same vendor will also need to perform their own fingerprinting.


Do all employees working for a CJIS vendor need to undergo a fingerprint-based background check?

No. A CJIS vendor may have other facets of their business which are separate from their CJIS business.  However, all vendor employees with responsibilities for configuring systems and networks with direct access to CJI; as well as employees with physical and/or logical access to CJI must also undergo a fingerprint-based background check.  This may include the same type of support personnel as are fingerprinted within the law enforcement agency including human resources staff, janitorial staff, and others.


Why would a vendor employee be shown as “Not Authorized”?

Upon receipt of fingerprints, they are processed by the FBI and CBI. New fingerprints will show “not authorized” until the results of the fingerprint check are reviewed by a CBI employee and the criminal history is verified to be free of felony convictions.  If a felony conviction or a felony arrest without a disposition are found, the employee will remain as “not authorized.”  An employee with a felony conviction cannot have any access to CJIS information.


For more information, please contact the CIMU CJIS Compliance Team at (303) 239-4299 or cdps.cbi.cjisvendors@state.co.us.