CJIS Vendor Management Program - Disqualifying Criteria

The CJIS Security Policy governs the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's decision-making process when evaluating vendor employees for access to criminal justice information (CJI) and participation in the Vendor Management Program. Section of the policy states that:

"A Contractor employee found to have a criminal record consisting of felony conviction(s) shall be disqualified. [...] Applicants shall also be disqualified on the basis of confirmations that arrest warrants are outstanding for such applicants."

If a felony conviction and/or outstanding arrest warrant is discovered for a Vendor Management Program applicant, the Vendor Services Coordinator (VSC) will be notified that the applicant is not authorized to participate in the program and shall not have physical, logical, or proximate access to criminal justice data. Under CJIS Security Policy section, the denial of access can be appealed to the CBI.

If any criminal record is found and a final disposition is not present, the CBI will contact the VSC. The application to the program will be suspended until a disposition is received. The application will be closed after 60 days if no disposition is received, and the applicant will be declared ineligible for the program until the application is resubmitted with a new set of fingerprints.

Please note: while an applicant may qualify for the Vendor Management Program, individual criminal justice agencies reserve the right to conduct further background investigations into contracted personnel and impose more stringent criteria for accessing their facilities and/or data.

For more information, please contact the CIMU CJIS Compliance Team at (303) 239-4299 or cdps.cbi.cjisvendors@state.co.us.