CJIS Vendor Management Program

The CBI Crime Information Management and Identification Units are proud to present the CJIS Vendor Management Program. This program is designed make it easier for vendors who contract with Colorado criminal justice agencies to meet CJIS Security Policy standards. By streamlining the fingerprinting process and the audit process where applicable, the CBI anticipates greater options will become available for the use, management, and sharing of CJIS data in Colorado.

Because CJIS Compliance is a process that can change as technology and law enforcement’s business needs change, participation in this program does not guarantee CJIS certification. However, it demonstrates a working knowledge of CJIS standards and a commitment to maintain these high standards.

What is the CJIS Vendor Management Program?

The CJIS Security Policy written and maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the standard by which all criminal justice agencies nationwide must protect the sensitive data they possess and share with authorized entities. Section 5.12.1 of the policy states that private contractors and vendors with access to criminal justice information (CJI) must submit a set of fingerprints for state and national fingerprint-based record checks. Previously, these vendors were required to submit fingerprints for each employee with physical, logical, or situational access to CJIS data, for each agency with which they contract. This occasionally proved to be cumbersome for vendors and contracting agencies, and was sometimes cost-prohibitive as each set of fingerprints requires a processing fee of $39.50.

The CJIS Vendor Management program consolidates the fingerprint background check process so that vendors only need to fingerprint their personnel once* for enrollment in the program. The program cuts the fingerprint processing fees down to a one-time payment of $39.50 (plus any fees collected by third-party fingerprinting vendors) per participating employee. Criminal justice agencies, when contracting with a participating vendor, can query for a list of approved personnel who are fingerprinted, reviewed, and authorized for CJIS access by CBI staff. Vendors and criminal justice agencies alike have embraced this streamlined process and we expect enrollment to increase exponentially over the coming year.

For more information, please contact the CIMU CJIS Compliance Team at (303) 239-4222 or cdps.cbi.cjisvendors@state.co.us.


*If an enrolled employee undergoes a name change, another set of fingerprints will need to be submitted to verify identity in order to change the name in our records. However, the fingerprint processing fee is waived in such instances.