Basic Crime Scene Course

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Services will host three, 5-day Basic Crime Scene Investigation classes on the following dates and locations:



Class Dates

Application Deadline

Location of Class


April 11-13, 2017











July 17-21, 2017

Grand Junction September 18-22, 2017 Full


FEES:  There will be no fee for this training; however, all meals and lodging will be the responsibility of the attendee or their law enforcement agency. 


COURSE OBJECTIVE:  The objective of the class is to provide attendees with sufficient knowledge to process a basic crime scene. 


COURSE TOPICS:  The following topics will be covered in the course:  basic crime scene investigation, crime scene photography, crime scene management, latent print processing, footwear and tire track processing, DNA concepts, firearms and tool mark evidence processing, major case considerations, sketching and diagramming, and evidence collection involving digital media, trace evidence, and drugs. In addition to lectures there will be practical exercises and mock crime scenes for the student to process and apply their knowledge.  


COURSE CERTIFICATE:  Successful demonstration of acquired skills throughout the week, as well as a passing score on the written exam, will be required to receive the course certificate. 


WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  The focus of the class will be for Crime scene personnel (sworn and non-sworn) who are actively involved in crime scene investigations OR those who intend to be actively involved in these investigations and have limited and/or no crime scene experience.  Must be currently working for a government agency. 


SELECTION OF ATTENDEES:  Attendees will be selected based on the need of the agency or the individual to acquire these skills.  The more agencies we can train, the better.  Class sizes are limited to 26 students however we will select individuals from as many different agencies as possible.


P.O.S.T. CREDIT:  This class will be approved for Colorado P.O.S.T. credit.  Please list your P.O.S.T. identification number on the application if you are seeking P.O.S.T. credit for the class.


APPLICATION SUBMISSION:  Please submit your application form via this link


CONTACT INFORMATION:  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Yoshida at