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Criminal Records Requirements for the State of Alaska                                                                                                                                                   

Name of Agency:   Alaska Department of Public Safety

Quality Assurance Unit, 5700 E. Tudor Road,Anchorage, AK 99507

Contact:  Kathryn Monfreda
Position: Chief, Criminal Records and Identifcation Bureau
Phone Number: 907-269-5581

Written request with all available documentation is required (Any available documentation in support of identity theft)

A police report must be on file and a copy submitted to the QA Unit.

 Fingerprints will be obtained if applicable, if it is possible to verify by fingerprints that someone else used the victim's identity,

 If outside of Anchorage/Alaska, law enforcement agency needs to provide prints. The Repository will roll the victim's prints if subject is in Anchorage.**

 A letter on official letterhead will be provided to the victim indicating such."

Law Enforcement Agency: We ask them to take a report, give a copy to the subject and have the subject contact us.
Turn Around Time: Depends on the circumstances. We can usually resolve the issue within a week
Successful challenge: The subject will be given a letter indicating that he/she is a victim of ID Theft, and will be as specific as possible. An entry is made in AK criminal justice system to notify LE of issue, and an entry may be made into the NCIC ID Theft file. The subject will select a password to use in future LE contacts.
Cost: No charge