4/5/2019 (All day) to 4/20/2019 (All day)

To all of our Neighbors in Cathedral Pines:

The Cathedral Pines Metro District Board of Directors will be conducting a one-time online auction of excess equipment in our storage shed on Vessey Rd. beginning this evening, Thursday April 4, and running through Thursday evening April 18.  Since we have now turned over the irrigation, landscaping and ponds maintenance to professional landscape and aquatic life companies, there are a variety of tools, equipment, and machinery that are no longer needed, broken or just collecting dust. While the complete list will be on the auction website, it includes a LawnBoy lawn mower, several weed trimmers, 5 hp. vertical air compressor, Craftsman rolling tool chest complete with two Black and Decker electric screwdrivers and a few misc. tools, pond maintenance equipment, a commercial pull-behind Bush Hog brush cutter, a Polaris ATV that would be operational with a new battery, and a number of pieces of furniture, lamps, stereo equipment, framed art, a refrigerator and several microwaves.  The Metro has chosen to hold on to some equipment that can be used in the future to manage the trails and assist in the upkeep the community.

The auction will be conducted by MaxSold, a national online auction company that manages the organization, photography, sale, advertising and collection of funds for everything sold in the auction.  Items are grouped into related lots, and anyone can bid online for each/any lot as many times as they would like through the end of the auction on the 18th.  There is a brief description of the contents of each lot along with multiple photographs of the items included.  The auction can be accessed tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. CMT by going to the website maxsold.com (click the link or search by location).  Once you reach our auction site, you will see a single photo of each lot, and if you click down further additional photos will be available.  Unfortunately due to the complexity of the sale and the nature of used equipment, there will be no onsite inspection allowed of the merchandise so it is "Buyer Beware."  If you choose to bid on an item, you will simply need to register a credit card with MaxSold, and if at the end of the auction you are the winning bidder, you will be notified, your card will be charged with the winning bid amount and you will be assigned a pickup time for your winning item(s) on Saturday, April 20. 

Please note that any proceeds of the sale will go to pay MaxSold's expenses and once those are covered, the rest will be returned to the Metro District General Funds for future use.  There 

were no Metro District funds spent to organize or advertise this event; it was strictly managed by a small group of your neighborhood volunteers.

If you have questions regarding the operation of the auction, please direct them to MaxSold via the contact number listed.  If you have a question reqarding how it impacts the Metro District, please feel free to reach out to any Metro District Board member.  Final results of the auction will be announced in May.

So please pass the word to your friends and neighbors--they do not have to be CP community members to participate.  The more bidders the better for Cathedral Pines, and there are some nice deals to be had.

So good luck with your bidding, and thanks for your participation.