Cascade Water Flushing

10/11/2016 (All day) to 10/13/2016 (All day)

Please be aware that from October 11-13, 2016, we are going to be flushing the pipelines in your area.  Each year, we flush our distribution system. This is an essential part of our system maintenance program, because it helps us to continue to provide you with high-quality water service

When crews are working in the area, you might notice a temporary drop in water pressure or discolored water. This is normal. If this happens, it is not harmful. Simply let your water run until it is clear.  You might also notice a large amount of water running down the streets due to the flushing.  This is also normal.

What to Expect:

  • In some cases, slight discoloration might linger for a few hours. This discoloration only affects the appearance of the water and does not affect water quality. No health hazards are associated with discolored water from hydrant flushing.
  • If water pressure or water volume seems low after flushing has been completed, check your faucet screens for trapped particles.

If you have any question please call our office at (719) 447-1777.  If you have an emergency after hours due to this flushing please call (719) 447-4840.