Ladder Truck in Front of Fire Station 1

Today's Canon City Fire District works out of two manned stations: Station 1 is at 1475 N 15th Street, and Station 2 is at 1349 Elm Ave.

Firefighters are scheduled in three 24 hour shift rotations. They are then on-call for the next 24 hours following their shift. Total hours per work week is 56.

The District owns and maintains 1 Ladder truck, 3 Engines, 3 Brush Trucks, 3 Chief's vehicles, 2 light rescue trucks, and a converted Hazmat vehicle. Additional water shuttle vehicle include a 3000 gallon Water Tender, and 1000 gallon Tanker.

Firefighters are outfitted with a bunker coat, pants, boots and a helmet. In addition they carry an SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus).Firefighter in Full Equipment