TCO data collection and reporting

Aggregate data is reported semi-annually through the CPED program’s online progress report. The items below relate to the collection and reporting of Individual-Level Client Data.

TCO Direct Assistance Worksheet

Organizations may use this worksheet to:

  • Assess barriers and need for direct assistance.
  • Gather data needed for TCO data collection and evaluation.

The worksheet is optional but contains the elements that must be reported in the TCO Data Entry Portal.

TCO Data Collection Notification
This written notification must be given to participants receiving direct assistance.
Authorization for Release of Information

This form may be used for clients that will obtain a screening service at a clinic other than the organization’s clinic in order to obtain screening outcome data from the other clinic.

Enter data for all individual clients to whom your organization provided direct assistance within 30 days of the final date of contact. Data should be entered only after the final contact with a client (usually after completion of screening).

TCO Dashboard 

  • Login to the Colorado Health Informatics Data System (HIDS) to access the TCO Dashboard.
  • This is an interactive, secure data summary that uses client-level data reported through the TCO Data Portal and eCaST (for screening status), if available. The TCO Dashboard also provides status updates on each organization’s contract deliverables reported through semi-annual progress reports and provides contact information. Access is granted after being awarded funding to participate in TCO. 
  • TCO Dashboard How-To Guide.
    • This document provides information on how to access the TCO Dashboard and use all its features to better understand your organization's data.
  • ​TCO Dashboard Demonstration.
This document is intended to provide clarity on the TCO data organizations report on semi-annual progress reports.
TCO Technical Assistance for Data Collection and Reporting
Schedule a one-on-one TCO Data TA session with Shannon Lawrence at your convenience.