Continuing application

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection (CPED) Continuing Application and Budget for FY20 (June 30, 2019 to June 29, 2020) Budget Period
    • This document provides instructions for completion and submission of the annual continuing application and budget (Step 1), as well as information on the CDPHE review process (Step 2), notification of decisions (Step 3), and negotiation of final continuing application numbers and budget (Sept 4).
Step 1: FY20 (June 30, 2019 to June 29, 2020) Continuing Application and Budget Submission
All funded organizations must submit a continuing application and budget for fiscal year 2020 (June 30, 2019 through June 29, 2020) using the online survey portal below. The deadline to submit the continuing application and budget is 5 pm on January 15, 2019.
    • Use this online survey portal to submit your organization’s continuing application and upload your organization’s proposed budget.
    • In the online survey portal, your organization will indicate if it would like to either reapply to continue or apply to add funding for the listed strategies.
      • ​​ To reapply for funding to continue any of the strategies, your organization MUST currently receive funding for that strategy.
      •  To apply for funding to add any of the strategies, your organization MUST NOT currently receive funding for the strategy.
    • This document lists all the questions asked in the Continuing Application online survey portal and is meant to serve as a reference document to help your organization prepare to complete the online survey portal. All answers should be submitted through the online application portal only.  
    • Use this Template to complete your organization’s proposed budget for the FY20 budget period for each of the strategies for which your organization is re-applying to continue or applying to add.
    • Access a short introductory video on each strategy. CDPHE recommends watching the video for any strategy or strategies you are considering applying to add.
    • The Program Manual provides additional information and detail about each strategy and its requirements. CDPHE recommends reviewing the Program Manual for any strategy or strategies your organization is considering applying to add.
Step 2: Application and Budget Review
    • This document provides the criteria that CDPHE staff will use to score each organization’s continuing application, budget, and past performance within each strategy for which the organization has re-applied or applied.
Please see the Reimbursement and Fiscal Management page for additional information on budgets.
Email with questions.