Clinic quality improvement

The Clinic Quality Improvement (CQI) strategy is an organizational-level approach. This strategy funds changes in administrative and clinical processes, policies, and protocols; utilizes health information technology to improve cancer prevention and early detection; and increases capacity of health systems to monitor performance and implement targeted evidence-based interventions.
As compared to other Cancer Prevention and Early Detection (CPED) strategies, the CQI strategy is less prescriptive, as multiple activities and intervention options are available. Appropriate selection of interventions is based on organizational structure, existing activities, etc.
This is the collection of evidence-based interventions, best and promising practices, used to guide and support a health system in the prevention and management of chronic disease.
Strategy start-up activities to be completed by organizations adding the Clinic Quality Improvement strategy.
See the Grant Management resources page to find additional resources for organizations to use to manage and implement the Clinic Quality Improvement strategy.