Work Group Facilitation

C-SEAP offers Work Group Facilitation to state agency teams working through conflict, strained communication, and/or organizational change(s). This service is always consultative, not directive, and implemented at the discretion of the requesting agency or manager. The goal of team facilitation is to support leaders, managers, and supervisors in encouraging more productive team behaviors and communication. While this service is offered to agencies free-of-charge, costs related to travel may be incurred by the requesting agency when a C-SEAP facilitator is travelling outside of their general service area to provide facilitation.


Facilitations are customizable and typically include: 

  • multiple consultations with managers and/or leaders to determine potential response strategies, 
  • assessment of organizational climate followed by guided group discussion,
  • training to improve team skill in workplace respect, and managing conflict or communication,
  • development of team strategies and/or a team agreement to manage difficult situations.


WG Facilitation.png

For more information about Work Group Facilitation, call 303-866-4314 to schedule a telephone consultation with Janeen Haller-Abernethy or email

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