Northeastern Junior College

100 College Drive


Take Exit 125 off of I-76 (don’t miss this exit as there is not another one for 10 miles!)—turn west at base of exit on to Highway 61, and travel west into Sterling. Highway 6 turns into Chestnut Street. Get into the right lane prior to the overpass as once you go over the overpass, at the light—you will turn right onto North 3rd Street which is actually Highway 138. Continue traveling NE on 3rd Street, you’ll come to a stop light when it intersects with Sydney Avenue. Go directly through the light and continue on Highway 138. Northeastern Junior College is immediately ahead on the left—there are two entrances to the campus from Highway 138 —one takes you directly to Hays Student Center, one take you directly to Walker Hall, the administration building. Office is in Walker Hall, Room 20.

Park on the east side of Walker Hall - the C-SEAP office is located in Walker Hall. Upon entering the building, go up the flight of stairs across from the College Mail Room. Turn left and go through doors marked 'Administration'. Climb one more flight of stairs and find the C-SEAP office adjacent to the Administration suite. If you are not greeted by your counselor within 5-10 minutes, please call the Denver office at 1-800-821-8154.