State Managerial Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program

Strengthen your effectiveness in today's changing work environments

The State Emotional Intelligence Program offers managerial level employees an opportunity to improve leadership skills and enhance vital relationships at work.

The program assists managers in their development of emotionally intelligent behaviors through training of EI concepts, administration of assessment surveys (completed by peers, supervisors and direct reports) and 1:1 EI Coaching with a certified EI Coach to maximize and sustain change.

Have you...

  • Been surprised by an employee's reaction to you at work?
  • Ended up in conflict with other managers or employees?
  • Experienced overwhelming stress at work?
  • Felt that you just don't understand someone you work with?
  • Had unexpectedly strong reactions at work?

For more information please contact:

For more information about the program please contact: 
Linda Pounds, Program Manager, LMFT, Certified EI Coach by phone: